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Authored Events, LLC. Handcrafted Weddings and Special Occasions.

Who are Laney and Joel?

We are a husband and wife team. This gives us the ability to really approach each event with two perspectives. It also ensures that we will be able to fully understand our clients' wishes and stories.

Laney Hall - the Author

One of my greatest joys is being a part of someone's special day. It is a true honor and a priveledge to help celebrate life's momentous occasions.

But how did I get here? I began my event career when I was 13. I suppose at that time it was more of a "fun thing to do," but it did start my love of parties. I worked with my out-of-town grandmother to throw a surprise 40th birthday for my mom. It was a huge success and I never forgot how that felt.

While in school at Northwestern University, I learned that I need an outlet for my creativity. I was able to find this as the school mascot, a great place for a kid at heart! I also learned important team leadership skills while coaching volleyball over several years. Later, I further honed my leadership and team management skills as a bank manager.

Through all of this, I learned: I love to help others. I love to coach. I love to teach. I love a good party and I love to put it all together.

I have been putting together events for years; from my mom's surprise party, volleyball team awards dinners, team building activities and celebrations to a myriad of weddings, birthdays, summer shindigs and an annual Christmas party (started in 1999), I have been using my creativity and skills to make events shine.

I realized that wedding and event planning is where my talents lie, and Authored Events, LLC was born!

Joel Hall - the Editor

My approach has been much more indirect, though my love of planning, organization, and problem-solving has always moved me toward event planning. I love weddings, as well, so that became a focus.

Having planned and executed (as well as officiated) a few weddings before meeting Laney, the decision for us to form Authored Events, LLC, and work together to enrich peoples' lives was a natural one. I love to help people, to find creative solutions to technical and decorative challenges, and provide them with a truly joyful occasion!

My natural affinity for the technical also allows me to build solutions from the inside out, to break down challenges into solvable components, and to arrange beautiful and elegant designs for events. I truly just want to relieve the challenges of planning and make your whole experience enjoyable.

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