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Authored Events, LLC. Handcrafted Weddings and Special Occasions.

What We Do

We enjoy working with our clients to celebrate life’s special moments. Weddings are our primary business but we are also involved in helping celebrate birthdays, showers, special occasions and special people through funerals. Every one of these events is special and has a story. We believe you should be able to enjoy the lifetime memories that will come from each event and we know we can make that a reality.

Since every wedding is unique and each story individual we do not have specific packages that we fit our clients into. Instead we like to meet with you, learn as much as we can about your dream wedding, and help you create that within your budget. Once we have a clear view of your wedding we will create the entire event, price it and give you the proposal. We pride ourselves on being clear and upfront about where every dollar goes. If you accept our proposal we become your point of contact and we will hire all the people needed to execute your dream wedding.

We work with the best venues, photographers, florists, caterers, bakers and other wedding and event professionals to ensure that your wedding is as unique as you are. You will be able to enjoy the time leading up to your special day and you will have time to continue to date each other as we handcraft your one of a kind wedding.

For the bride who needs just a little guidance we also offer an hourly consultation. We understand that there are brides and couples who would prefer to work on their wedding themselves. However, you may need a little help finding a specific vendor or getting your budget and timeline back in order. Our consultation will help you walk away with all of your information in order. Our hourly rate is $150.

The other offering we have is for the bride whose stress level has gotten a little too high. We call this service “crunch time”. This is the six weeks leading up to the wedding and often is a time of higher stress for couples. If we are hired to handle the crunch time we come in and review everything that has been done so far, communicate with all of your vendors, and ensure that your day will be complete and run smoothly. We will also be on hand during your wedding as your eyes and ears checking and rechecking all of the details. This service starts at $850.

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